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Llego el carnaval!

Mucho tiempo tenía de no ir a un carnaval y la verdad me cambia el humor nomas al pisar ahí! Mis papás me preguntan que porque me emociono tanto si no me subo a los juegos..y la verdad es que me gusta mucho subirme pero nunca se quiere subir nadie conmigo y pues ni para…

Tassel Earrings

Tassel earrings have been the go -to accessories lately & i finally decided to look in to them. I found a place where I can get them for $1 and now I can get new pairs every Sunday! “Where can you find these for $1?” I buy mine at my local flea market in Alamo…


Foundation- Wet N Wild Bronzer- Kvd Highlighter- Glow Kit Aurora Eyeliner- NYX Eyeshadow- Jaclynn Hill


This was a finished look from a live video i did on my beauty group lashes and blush! foundation: wet n wild mascara: telescopic loreal contour: kvd Pallete: nyx ultimate highlighter: carli bybel brows: “The one”  

Makeup look #1

This look is from a while back but i can’t get over it! Foundation: Wet n Wild Concealer: Wet n Wild Eyes: ABH Subculture Bronzer: Kvd Lips: Kovet Milani Eyeliner: Nyx Mascara: Telescopic Loreal