Foundation- Wet N Wild Bronzer- Kvd Highlighter- Glow Kit Aurora Eyeliner- NYX Eyeshadow- Jaclynn Hill Advertisements


This was a finished look from a live video i did on my beauty group lashes and blush! foundation: wet n wild mascara: telescopic loreal contour: kvd Pallete: nyx ultimate highlighter: carli bybel brows: “The one”  

Makeup look #1

This look is from a while back but i can’t get over it! Foundation: Wet n Wild Concealer: Wet n Wild Eyes: ABH Subculture Bronzer: Kvd Lips: Kovet Milani Eyeliner: Nyx Mascara: Telescopic Loreal

How much is your face worth?

Lately I’ve seen this post around Pinterest and i thought i’d give it a try. I don’t usually buy expensive make up unless its eyeshadows or highlighters. Without even doing the calculations I think my face is worth like maybe $170, obviously on my daily makeup routine. Foundation- Wet n Wild $4.68 Highlighter- ABH Glow…


I believe I’m not the only broke teenager who can’t afford “expensive” makeup.. I’ll stick with drugstore products.Since I started buying makeup I’ve always liked to try different things each time. Even if I find the best foundation ever, believe me I’ll still want to try something else. These products are the ones I’ve purchased…