Foundation- Wet N Wild

Bronzer- Kvd

Highlighter- Glow Kit Aurora

Eyeliner- NYX

Eyeshadow- Jaclynn Hill



IMG_9881 2-2.jpgThis was a finished look from a live video i did on my beauty group lashes and blush!

foundation: wet n wild

mascara: telescopic loreal

contour: kvd

Pallete: nyx ultimate

highlighter: carli bybel

brows: “The one”



greasy.jpgSo i don’t know if its because of this weird weather or i don’t know whats going on with my hair. My hair would never get oily fast. I hate it because people probably think i haven’t washed my hair in forever. I do work at a hair salon, and there is no product that works for me.

One day i asked one of my co workers if she could wash my hair because i didn’t feel comfortable at work. I was telling her that my har has been super oily lately. So she told me about this remedies that works so good for me.

One of them was to wash my hair first with dawn sope, yes the dishes one. Since that is really good to remove oils from dishes, well it works as good with hair also. Obviously you will wash your hair again after with your regular shampoo and whatever other products you use.

The other one was powdered clothes soap. The brand she used on me was “foca” but im sure you can use any. I seriously never thought this would work. Its the same way as the dawn, you wash it first with this soap then you shampoo your hair with your regular shampoo.

Ways you can prevent oily hair:

  1. Do not use your conditioner all the way to your scalp ( only the tips)
  2. ^ same as with  treatment oils
  3. Try not to was your hair with very hot water
  4. Make sure you remove all you’re shampoo/conditioner
  5. Try to avoid blow drying your hair ( makes your scalp sweat )

Keep it Clean and Hydrated

Many of us love playing with makeup and trying different kind of brands, but do you ever think of trying any facial masks or facial cleanser? It took me a while to realize I was damaging my face to the point i wasn’t comfortable leaving the house with out makeup. After trying so many cleansing products I think i found the best ones. ( on my skin). Now remember, everybody’s skin is different so make sure you get the right one. My skin is sometimes oily and sometimes extremely dry. I think it depends on our bipolar weather.

You don’t have to follow these 3 steps, or do the exact thing but give it a try, you won’t regret it.

The first thing I do is use the Micellar Cleansing water with a cotton pad and try to remove most of the makeup with it. Do not make the mistake of rubbing your face extremely hard. Take your time and do it slowly without hurting your face.

Once you’re done doing that, rinse your face with warm water to open up your pores. Then apply the Morning burst and massage your face.Once you feel like you covered your face and part of neck, you can start washing your face with warm water again. When you remove all the product, go ahead and rinse your face again with fresh/cold water to close up your pores!

Third part isn’t necessary if you have a good moisturizing cream. I found these masks at Walmart for a super good prize. I put it on for 20 min and once i take it of i don’t rinse my face, I massage my face and neck with the excess product; it leaves my face feeling so fresh, soft and hydrated.

Thats what I do after I go all out on my makeup a day before or at the end of the day. Give it a try! You won’t regret it at all! Its not only about doing an amazing work with makeup but also taking care of your face!

Happy Wednesday Beautiful! ❤

How I make my hair look extra straight

IMG_4211So everyone always ask me if my straighten hair is my normal hair. They never believe me when I show them my “real hair”. My hair has always been curly and puffy, well it still is. I actually  use one product and my straightener. I use BTZ heat protector and my CROC straightener. I purchased my heat protector at sally’s and my straightener at a hair salon called Versasstyle hair salon, I do know 2 of the locations have it for sure in McAllen Tx & Edinburg Tx. I believe the price is between $140-$180.You can also find them online, what ever works best for you. You won’t regret it at all trust me! Do you all really want to see my natural hair? Believe me or not but i take 15 minutes to straighten my hair and yes i do have short hair, but when i had way longer hair the most ill take is 25-30 minutes because i do have ALOT of hair.



YES I KNOW!! CRAZY RIGHT??! I’m literally another person LOL

This is the straightener:


This is the heat protector:


How much is your face worth?

Lately I’ve seen this post around Pinterest and i thought i’d give it a try. I don’t usually buy expensive make up unless its eyeshadows or highlighters. Without even doing the calculations I think my face is worth like maybe $170, obviously on my daily makeup routine.

  • Foundation- Wet n Wild $4.68
  • Highlighter- ABH Glow Kit $45
  • Translucent powder- Airspun $5.97
  • Bronzer- KVD $49
  • Brows- Elf $3
  • Mascara- Loreal telescopic $8.44
  • Eyeliner- NYX $7
  • Eyeshadow – ABH Modern Renaissance $42
  • Concealer- Maybelline $7
  • Lipstick- NYX suade $7

 I WAS SUPER CLOSE! Total was $179.09 not including the taxes! My face is worth $179.09  on daily bases. I can only imagine how much its worth on the weekends LOL.


I believe I’m not the only broke teenager who can’t afford “expensive” makeup.. I’ll stick with drugstore products.Since I started buying makeup I’ve always liked to try different things each time. Even if I find the best foundation ever, believe me I’ll still want to try something else. These products are the ones I’ve purchased twice or more times.


Gorgeous hair is the best revenge

I am only 19 and i don’t take care of my hair. I never feel like going out when i see my hair looking like a “trapiador viejo” (ugly/old mop).

When i started using these products it made a H U G E difference. In the past i used to have highlights so obviously my hair was super dry. But when i found these products they changed my life. People would always ask me how are you highlights so platinum and not damaged. Obviously once you bleach your hair its already damaged, but there is so many great products out there for you to try. My hair is currently not bleached, but I do straighten my hair everyday!! (yes Im crazy I know)

How to use:

Brazilian Blowout – Smooth/Shine/Anti-Brizz .Once you wash you hair and its damped what you will do is apply some very little products on JUST the tips. If you put some too close to your scalp, there is a possibility that by the time you wake up your hair will look really greasy.. ( which you don’t want).

BTZ – Flat iron protection. This product not only does it smell good but it makes your hair super soft. This product you apply it while straightening it. Also, don’t apply a lot because it will give you an oily effect.If you’re like me that heats up the straightener all the way to 450 degrees then this is for you. My hair is very curly and some what frizzy, so i don’t like having a hard time.  IT IS NOT GOOD TO HEAT UP YOU’RE STRAIGHTENER VERY HOT! But if you’re “terca” like me then make sure you use enough heat protector.

Macadamia Healing Oil – As you can see in the picture you can find them at TJ-maxx for only $16.99. You can apply this on dry or damp hair. I prefer to use it on dry hair when I finish straightening my hair, because it leaves a very soft/healthy feeling. ( there is not much to this)

Recamier Professional Salon IN – Rescues, Regenerates, Etc. I use this while Im in the shower. After i wash my hair with my regal shampoo I apply this product that is similar to conditioner (its not) and again make sure you only apply on the tips,leave on like for 3-5 min then you wash again with just water . I don’t recommend it when you’ll use you’re regular curls the next day because there is a possibility the curls won’t be pretty curls because  of the keratin it contains. But if you prefer having straight hair, then this is for you! P.S you can only use it 1-2 times per week.

Can you combine them? Preferably not, unless its the heat protecter & the Macadamia oil .

Hopefully you try these products and share with your friends!