Siempre que voy a ponerme uñas siempre estoy a la mera hora buscando algún color de temporada. La verdad nunca me avia echo un diseño y mucho menos con piedras! Fue algo muy fuera de lo normal pero me encantaron demasiado. Esperaba ya con ansias la primavera. Ahora no tengo idea para el próximo diseño!!…

Otoño casi llega! (O ya llegó?)

Holis! Hoy me hice mis uñas de un color que nunca me eh echo. Pero me encanta los colores de esta temporada y no me Iva a quedar con las ganas. Normalmente me cambio el color de mis uñas cada 20 días. Así que escogeré colores de esta temporada y estoy emocionada para los próximos!


Foundation- Wet N Wild Bronzer- Kvd Highlighter- Glow Kit Aurora Eyeliner- NYX Eyeshadow- Jaclynn Hill


This was a finished look from a live video i did on my beauty group lashes and blush! foundation: wet n wild mascara: telescopic loreal contour: kvd Pallete: nyx ultimate highlighter: carli bybel brows: “The one”  

Makeup look #1

This look is from a while back but i can’t get over it! Foundation: Wet n Wild Concealer: Wet n Wild Eyes: ABH Subculture Bronzer: Kvd Lips: Kovet Milani Eyeliner: Nyx Mascara: Telescopic Loreal


So i don’t know if its because of this weird weather or i don’t know whats going on with my hair. My hair would never get oily fast. I hate it because people probably think i haven’t washed my hair in forever. I do work at a hair salon, and there is no product that…

Keep it Clean and Hydrated

Many of us love playing with makeup and trying different kind of brands, but do you ever think of trying any facial masks or facial cleanser? It took me a while to realize I was damaging my face to the point i wasn’t comfortable leaving the house with out makeup. After trying so many cleansing…

How I make my hair look extra straight

So everyone always ask me if my straighten hair is my normal hair. They never believe me when I show them my “real hair”. My hair has always been curly and puffy, well it still is. I actually  use one product and my straightener. I use BTZ heat protector and my CROC straightener. I purchased…

How much is your face worth?

Lately I’ve seen this post around Pinterest and i thought i’d give it a try. I don’t usually buy expensive make up unless its eyeshadows or highlighters. Without even doing the calculations I think my face is worth like maybe $170, obviously on my daily makeup routine. Foundation- Wet n Wild $4.68 Highlighter- ABH Glow…