Friends Giving

Hey everyone! I haven’t shared with y’all for a while but today is the day. I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving dinner/brake with friends and family. We obviously got together with my family but we also had a Friendsgiving!

We literally planned everything in a week or less. We got decorations, food, deserts, drinks.. and let’s not forget the lotería!

We did it at my friends house; tiffany & it was going to be her first time ever baking a turkey!!

We all took something, I took corn, which I had NEVER done lol but my aunt guided me through it.. It wasn’t that hard but I never really cook and was afraid it would’ve tasted weird.

Anyways, everything turned out delicious and so cute! We played lotería for about 3 hours.. And I lost like $20 but I’m planning on winning the next time lmao!

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