How to save money as a teen

Piggy Banks with savings formulaThe biggest problem I have in my life is that I waste my money before even being in my hands. “Esmer what do you mean by that?” Well, that means I borrow from my parents and I pay them back at the end on the week. In that moment you don’t care, you go eat with your friends or go to the mall, but when the weekend gets here and its time to pay back everything; I have no more money left for the rest of the week. Now I’ve been trying these 3 tips that I will share with y’all and i hope y’all try it.

  1. Pretend you get paid $200 a week. Ok so what you will do is get $50 which is %25 and put them away in a savings account or give them to your mom ( who ever gets after you for spending too much lol). That will be $100 a month x 12? $2,400 in one year. You might not think its a lot and that is fine, you can go higher/lower depending how much you get paid.
  2. Before you purchase something ask your self ” will I ever use/eat it? ” ” Will I wear it” ” Do I NEED it? ” Yeah nobody likes asking themselves that at the moment, so do it before. You get overwhelmed when you have it in front of you. If you know you get weak when you see the new purse or pair of shoes, then don’t go inside the store. Wait for a SALE! Everybody loves a $25 off $50 off %75 off. Most of the products/stores have sales going on at least once or twice a month.
  3. Dont do online shopping when you’re “bored”. Are you ever sitting in you’re bed & not knowing what to do? Yeah, it happens to me very often. Instead of grabbing your phone/tablet to search stores; take out clothes & accessories you don’t need and sell them online. Then,use that money to treat yourself. Now, these adds that show up everywhere is not healthy for us. You search up a pair of shoes and all of a sudden you see them popping up everywhere. Try and ignore those LOL.

I hope these tips work for y’all, Its been helping me SO much these past months. Give them a try and share with your friends!


  1. Awesome tips!! I agree on not asking myself if I actually need to purchase something before adding it to my cart. And yess those ads with new forever21 clothing are hard to resist. 😂

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  2. Thanks, this is a much needed guide! I’m currently saving up for a concert ticket of Harry Styles’ show. #SNS 😆


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