greasy.jpgSo i don’t know if its because of this weird weather or i don’t know whats going on with my hair. My hair would never get oily fast. I hate it because people probably think i haven’t washed my hair in forever. I do work at a hair salon, and there is no product that works for me.

One day i asked one of my co workers if she could wash my hair because i didn’t feel comfortable at work. I was telling her that my har has been super oily lately. So she told me about this remedies that works so good for me.

One of them was to wash my hair first with dawn sope, yes the dishes one. Since that is really good to remove oils from dishes, well it works as good with hair also. Obviously you will wash your hair again after with your regular shampoo and whatever other products you use.

The other one was powdered clothes soap. The brand she used on me was “foca” but im sure you can use any. I seriously never thought this would work. Its the same way as the dawn, you wash it first with this soap then you shampoo your hair with your regular shampoo.

Ways you can prevent oily hair:

  1. Do not use your conditioner all the way to your scalp ( only the tips)
  2. ^ same as with  treatment oils
  3. Try not to was your hair with very hot water
  4. Make sure you remove all you’re shampoo/conditioner
  5. Try to avoid blow drying your hair ( makes your scalp sweat )

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