How I make my hair look extra straight

IMG_4211So everyone always ask me if my straighten hair is my normal hair. They never believe me when I show them my “real hair”. My hair has always been curly and puffy, well it still is. I actually  use one product and my straightener. I use BTZ heat protector and my CROC straightener. I purchased my heat protector at sally’s and my straightener at a hair salon called Versasstyle hair salon, I do know 2 of the locations have it for sure in McAllen Tx & Edinburg Tx. I believe the price is between $140-$180.You can also find them online, what ever works best for you. You won’t regret it at all trust me! Do you all really want to see my natural hair? Believe me or not but i take 15 minutes to straighten my hair and yes i do have short hair, but when i had way longer hair the most ill take is 25-30 minutes because i do have ALOT of hair.



YES I KNOW!! CRAZY RIGHT??! I’m literally another person LOL

This is the straightener:


This is the heat protector:


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