Its always been hard for me to loose weight. Ive been chubby all my life. My uncle decided to do a bet. ($$) There will be a 1 and 2 place and I’m hoping to win first lol. The diet I used I’m sure most of you had heard of it or tried it. I tried doing the “military diet”, it only lasts 3 days. Since I am a pretty big person, it’s very little food for me so I would add a snack in between(sometimes). I’ll add yogurt or a fruit. As you can see in the pic I added avocado & salsa, it’s ok breakfast is one of the important meals.Just don’t add the whole avocado lol I added 1/4 of it and salsa well just a little bit to give it favor.The main key is to drink ALOT of water. My favorite day was the last two.. only because it involves half cup of vanilla ice cream lol. Tuna by it’s self? Ew I couldn’t do it. If y’all have a favorite salsa USE IT, trust me you’ll love it! If y’all have never seen or heard of it I’ll post the picture. Give it a try & let me know how it went!!

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