Churros Is Always The Answer



It’s amazing how they’re opening so many new businesses around the valley. Not so long ago I heard about a place in Mercedes Tx, called Churros Land. Churros are not one of my favorite deserts but something about this place just changed that. The price is only $6 and its totally shareable!

If you ever come the RGV and say there’s nothings to do; you’re very wrong! If you love to eat like me. Then you came to the right place!!

Tassel Earrings

Tassel earrings have been the go -to accessories lately & i finally decided to look in to them. I found a place where I can get them for $1 and now I can get new pairs every Sunday! “Where can you find these for $1?” I buy mine at my local flea market in Alamo TX or in downtown McAllen TX, you just have to be patient and look around. You can never compare the quality of $1 earrings to $20 earrings, but if you don’t get allergies with fantasy jewelry then these are perfect for you! Btw I do get allergies but just how my mom said ” La belleza cuesta”.

Park lane jewelry

A lot of people ask them selves is it worth it? So if you’re like me BROKE. There’s many ways you can afford this amazing quality of jewelry. When ever you go to a presentation get together with a couple of girls and make one order together. At the end you get some jewelry half off or like $20. This one I ended up paying like $30 and its original price is like $170. LIKE WHAT IN THE WORLD LOOK HOW MUCH I JUST SAVED.


IMG_9881 2-2.jpgThis was a finished look from a live video i did on my beauty group lashes and blush!

foundation: wet n wild

mascara: telescopic loreal

contour: kvd

Pallete: nyx ultimate

highlighter: carli bybel

brows: “The one”


How to save money as a teen

Piggy Banks with savings formulaThe biggest problem I have in my life is that I waste my money before even being in my hands. “Esmer what do you mean by that?” Well, that means I borrow from my parents and I pay them back at the end on the week. In that moment you don’t care, you go eat with your friends or go to the mall, but when the weekend gets here and its time to pay back everything; I have no more money left for the rest of the week. Now I’ve been trying these 3 tips that I will share with y’all and i hope y’all try it.

  1. Pretend you get paid $200 a week. Ok so what you will do is get $50 which is %25 and put them away in a savings account or give them to your mom ( who ever gets after you for spending too much lol). That will be $100 a month x 12? $2,400 in one year. You might not think its a lot and that is fine, you can go higher/lower depending how much you get paid.
  2. Before you purchase something ask your self ” will I ever use/eat it? ” ” Will I wear it” ” Do I NEED it? ” Yeah nobody likes asking themselves that at the moment, so do it before. You get overwhelmed when you have it in front of you. If you know you get weak when you see the new purse or pair of shoes, then don’t go inside the store. Wait for a SALE! Everybody loves a $25 off $50 off %75 off. Most of the products/stores have sales going on at least once or twice a month.
  3. Dont do online shopping when you’re “bored”. Are you ever sitting in you’re bed & not knowing what to do? Yeah, it happens to me very often. Instead of grabbing your phone/tablet to search stores; take out clothes & accessories you don’t need and sell them online. Then,use that money to treat yourself. Now, these adds that show up everywhere is not healthy for us. You search up a pair of shoes and all of a sudden you see them popping up everywhere. Try and ignore those LOL.

I hope these tips work for y’all, Its been helping me SO much these past months. Give them a try and share with your friends!


greasy.jpgSo i don’t know if its because of this weird weather or i don’t know whats going on with my hair. My hair would never get oily fast. I hate it because people probably think i haven’t washed my hair in forever. I do work at a hair salon, and there is no product that works for me.

One day i asked one of my co workers if she could wash my hair because i didn’t feel comfortable at work. I was telling her that my har has been super oily lately. So she told me about this remedies that works so good for me.

One of them was to wash my hair first with dawn sope, yes the dishes one. Since that is really good to remove oils from dishes, well it works as good with hair also. Obviously you will wash your hair again after with your regular shampoo and whatever other products you use.

The other one was powdered clothes soap. The brand she used on me was “foca” but im sure you can use any. I seriously never thought this would work. Its the same way as the dawn, you wash it first with this soap then you shampoo your hair with your regular shampoo.

Ways you can prevent oily hair:

  1. Do not use your conditioner all the way to your scalp ( only the tips)
  2. ^ same as with  treatment oils
  3. Try not to was your hair with very hot water
  4. Make sure you remove all you’re shampoo/conditioner
  5. Try to avoid blow drying your hair ( makes your scalp sweat )

Keep it Clean and Hydrated

Many of us love playing with makeup and trying different kind of brands, but do you ever think of trying any facial masks or facial cleanser? It took me a while to realize I was damaging my face to the point i wasn’t comfortable leaving the house with out makeup. After trying so many cleansing products I think i found the best ones. ( on my skin). Now remember, everybody’s skin is different so make sure you get the right one. My skin is sometimes oily and sometimes extremely dry. I think it depends on our bipolar weather.

You don’t have to follow these 3 steps, or do the exact thing but give it a try, you won’t regret it.

The first thing I do is use the Micellar Cleansing water with a cotton pad and try to remove most of the makeup with it. Do not make the mistake of rubbing your face extremely hard. Take your time and do it slowly without hurting your face.

Once you’re done doing that, rinse your face with warm water to open up your pores. Then apply the Morning burst and massage your face.Once you feel like you covered your face and part of neck, you can start washing your face with warm water again. When you remove all the product, go ahead and rinse your face again with fresh/cold water to close up your pores!

Third part isn’t necessary if you have a good moisturizing cream. I found these masks at Walmart for a super good prize. I put it on for 20 min and once i take it of i don’t rinse my face, I massage my face and neck with the excess product; it leaves my face feeling so fresh, soft and hydrated.

Thats what I do after I go all out on my makeup a day before or at the end of the day. Give it a try! You won’t regret it at all! Its not only about doing an amazing work with makeup but also taking care of your face!

Happy Wednesday Beautiful! ❤